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    Default (ShopHQ) D2 Padô 9" Google Certified Wi-Fi Tablet w/ Keyboard Case & 4400mAh Portable Charger

    D2 Padô 9" Google Certified Wi-Fi Tablet w/ Keyboard Case & 4400mAh Portable Charger, $129.67.


    It's cool that they're including not only the keyboard case but also a portable charger that's big enough to recharge the tablet completely!

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    Default Re: (ShopHQ) D2 Padô 9" Google Certified Wi-Fi Tablet w/ Keyboard Case & 4400mAh Port

    I love the inclusion of the case and charger, and the price is great for this. (Best Buy has the tablet only for around 90 bucks). If I had seen this two weeks ago at this price, I probably would go for it even though it's only a single-core processor (and a bit slow at that). Nine inches is a big tablet too -- I know I didn't realize how big that was until I got the 10-inch one they last offered.

    Also, Android tablets have really good names, and there can be a difference in quality of things like the case, etc. So it's important to consider that, depending on your use (mine is education, so it has to be sturdy). In my experience, ShopHQ and HSN (which both offer the one I bought from Amazon) often have higher prices for tablets, reveal fewer reviews, charge higher shipping, excludes them from coupons, and won't price match. Your big advantage, though, is the flexpay and the 30-day return policy. ShopHQ tends to be light on specs too, because I like to know which specific processor is in there () and things like that.

    My last tablet experience with ShopHQ left me disappointed, which is why these things are important considerations. You will pay 10 bucks shipping for this, I paid close to 10 bucks tax, and if you have to return it, well, that's on you too.
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