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06-29-2012, 11:04 PM
JTV often buys whole inventories from dealers who are in a cash crunch and will take a lower price to get the cash. They call these opportunity buys, and they do keep the prices amazingly low.

A couple of years ago, Sharon taught me that anytime you see an item number that starts DOC it is an opportunity buy. This week Robert taught me a brand new trick! :bunny: You can search for the opportunity buys through the keyword search box at the top of the page--just type DOC* --that will show all the goodies with the DOC item numbers!

So, here are a couple of goodies I spotted just now when I searched DOC*

Love the painted edges on these sterling 1/2 inch druzy earrings--just $29.99

Ethiopian opal, tanzanite, and iolite sterling ring--just $49.99

Multicolor tourmaline eternity band in sterling silver--just $59.99.

Druzy and silver bracelet (available in 3 stone color choices)--just $99.99.

We were just talking about this in another thread--wouldn't it be nice if the channels gave diamond grades so we could judge what we were getting? This one actually comes with the cert! 1.00ctw balerina style diamond ring in white gold, $699.99.

Searching through the list, it also looks like when they get opportunity buy items into inventory, if it fits one of their trademarked name brands, they put it under that name, such as Blue Velvet diamonds. There are several DiamondChic items--those are always yucky diamonds--but the name lets us know that.

DOC* :disco-dance: Such a fun new trick!

07-08-2012, 05:19 PM
LOL I just posted about that Ethiopian opal/tanzanite ring on another thread! It's a Paul Deasy Gem Insider ring from Shop NBC! They still have it on their website, but it's $10 more.

Host Michelle
07-08-2012, 05:38 PM
How did I miss this thread?! I like the multi tourmaline eternity ring! I'm a nut for eternity rings and I like multi gems :lol2: Bummer for me because the ring sold out ugh :facepalm:

And cool lesson on DOC!!!


08-06-2012, 10:44 PM
LOL I just posted about that Ethiopian opal/tanzanite ring on another thread! It's a Paul Deasy Gem Insider ring from Shop NBC! They still have it on their website, but it's $10 more.

Nikki's showing the Paul Deasey rings now. Ethiopian Opal and Pink Tourmaline/Rhodolite, Tanzanite/Iolite and Peridot/Chrome Diopside.